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Download & Install Arma3 using the Blu-Games Launcher

How To Guide

1.Download and install our Blu-Games Launcher. Create a new account and sign in.
2.In the Blu-Games Launcher, go to Library and then Arma3. Click Install to start downloading and installing Arma3.
3.Click on Play, once the game is installed.
4.Add the required mods (Exile and Zombies and Demons mods) using the Arma3 Launcher.
Please follow this Installation Guide if you don’t know how to add the mods in the launcher.
5.Join one of our servers:
Exile Altis:
Exile Escape Altis:
Make sure you have Steam running!


If you already have the Arma3 v2.0 game and only need the mods which we use, then download them here:

-@Enhanced Movement

Arma3 Blu-Games MODS DOWNLOAD (Multiplayer Fix included)

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